Is Morocco Safe As A Holiday Destination?

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Is Morocco Safe, this is a question I get asked a lot, people assume that all Arab countries are full of Islamist’s wanting to blow you up. The truth is that simply is not true. I have worked or lived in all countries across North Africa and I have to say Morocco is the best for quality of life, and safety. The security and tourist safety in Morocco is second to none, you will see… Continue reading

Marrakech Morocco What To Expect What To See.

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Marrakech Morocco is the most popular tourist destination in Morocco and probably in all of North Africa, and for very good reason. It’s a city that caters for everyone. With great weather all year round, yes even in the middle of a dreary UK winter you can get away to a beautiful sunny day’s in Marrakech. The views across most of the city are stunning, with a back drop of the snow tipped Atlas mountains… Continue reading

Flights to Morocco Are Cheap and Plentiful

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Flights to Morocco a quick search on the internet will bring up loads of flights to Morocco. You will see prices ranging from thousands of pounds to as low as 40 pounds. So how do we find the cheapest Flights to Morocco.   Here are the five best tips to grab your cheap Flights to Morocco. Keep in mind this is a ever changing landscape with flights and times being changed on a daily basis.… Continue reading

Computer Repair 20 Simple Ways to fix A Computer

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20 Fast and easy computer repair tips and tricks. Computer Repair before you run out of patience and throw your laptop or PC at the wall, take a deep breath and try these simple tips to bring your computer back to life. Computer Repair Murphy’s law says that your laptop or PC will break down or start doing weird stuff just when you need it most. It always seems to happen that way, but don’t… Continue reading

El Bedouzza This Is Where I Live

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I currently live in morocco, and have done since 2014, it’s a great life quite and peaceful. I don’t live in a tourist hot spot, but I do live in a beautiful part of the country. How I ended up here is a story in it’s self. Back in 2006 my wife died, to say it was a shock is a understatement. She had been fine, in fact we had just returned from holiday and… Continue reading

The Ins And Outs of Moroccan Currency

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Moroccan Currency | it’s always a bit confusing when dealing with new currency and Moroccan money will be no different. First of all let’s take a look at the local regulations. You can bring any currency in any amount into Morocco, that’s good news if you feel like spending. However the bad news here is you cannot take it out of Morocco again when you leave. Well actually you can if it’s less than 10,000… Continue reading