Flights to Morocco Are Cheap and Plentiful

Flights to Morocco

Grab The Best Flights from UK To Morocco

Flights to Morocco a quick search on the internet will bring up loads of flights to Morocco. You will see prices ranging from thousands of pounds to as low as 40 pounds. So how do we find the cheapest Flights to Morocco.


Here are the five best tips to grab your cheap Flights to Morocco. Keep in mind this is a ever changing landscape with flights and times being changed on a daily basis. Sometimes even hourly, so the rule of thumb here is to keep checking at least daily till you find the day you want.


Probably the most important point to remember when looking for Flights to Morocco is the date and time of travel. I have seen the price change by hundreds of pounds from one day to the next. If at all possible be flexible on dates. This would mean planning ahead. Most flights when booked have a option to show the next few days or even the next month. You will see huge differences in prices day to day. Of course try to avoid school holidays as the prices are just crazy.


best flight deals to morocco

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Choice of airports, there are very big price differences flying from different airports, in my experience the cheapest Flights to Morocco are from Gatwick, Luton and Standstead. Prices from regional airports are normally far higher than the big three above. It may well be cheaper travelling to one of the above. Even when you take into account the cost of travelling to London, the savings can be huge. Its quite easy to find off airport parking for a very reasonable price. Myself I prefer to travel by Bus, I can get from Newcastle to Gatwick for less that £20. If you are a member of HM forces or even and Ex member there are good savings to be made on travel. Leave me a message in the comments below and I will let you know how.

Choice of airport in Morocco, there are several airports in Morocco that have flights from Uk. Although you will probably be limited here to where you want to stay. Although I must say its easy enough to travel around Morocco, if you hire a car on arrival then there is really no need to stick to one airport.

Flights to Morocco Airlines that fly to Morocco.

There are all the big players in the cheap flight market, Easy Jet, Ryanair, British Airways and Royal Air Morocco. My personal choice is Easyjet or sometimes British Airways when the price is right. I prefer Easyjet because I find it easy and the staff are good. Im not keen at all on Ryanair, but they do sometimes have very cheap flights. However they Fly to Luton and Standstead that’s not very good for me.

Flights to Morocco

make sure you are aware of what ad dons are added to the final price. You will be charged for hold baggage, to choose your seat, speedy boarding and lots of other stuff. Also all food and drink on board the plane. So make sure that one you have found that cheap flight to morocco, you don’t go and add-on loads of extras and push up the price.

You can find some good deals by using a site like skyscanner and there are many more ways to compare cheap flights to Morocco.

Morocco is a great place to holiday and some of the very best deals will be in the period October to May and at this time you will find great weather in Marrakech, but more about that in another post. Just keep in mind when looking for Flights to Morocco be flexible to get the best cheap flight deals.

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