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 Marrakech Morocco

Jemaa el Fnaa

Marrakech Morocco is the most popular tourist destination in Morocco and probably in all of North Africa, and for very good reason. It’s a city that caters for everyone. With great weather all year round, yes even in the middle of a dreary UK winter you can get away to a beautiful sunny day’s in Marrakech.

The views across most of the city are stunning, with a back drop of the snow tipped Atlas mountains in the distance. These mountains are visible from nearly all parts of the city, but the best views are in the early morning before the heat haze distorts the view.

Marrakech Morocco Jemaa el Fnaa

Jemaa el Fnaa moroccan spices

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Jemaa el Fnaa Marrakech is one place you will visit, it’s the centre of Marrakech and a hub of tourist activity. There are loads of good restaurants and coffee shops all round the square with greats views. You can watch the world go by. Jemaa el Fnaa is really a big square and of course the mosque, the Marrakech souk is nearby. In the square itself you will find all sorts from snake charmers to sorcerers selling spells. It’s a interesting place to stroll around in the evening, and it gets very busy.

The square has a very busy food trade and stalls selling local Moroccan dishes, probably the most popular being Harrira which is a Moroccan soup, and very tasty. You will also find a lot of stalls selling freshly squeezed fruit juices. My favourite are the spice stalls and how they manage to keep all the spices in that cone shaped mound. Jemaa el Fnaa is one of my favourite places in the evening.

We usually travel back to the hotel by horse and carriage or coochy as the locals call them. As with most things in Morocco the price is open to negotiation. I’m lucky my wife is Moroccan so she takes care of that. The last time we took one the driver asked for 100 Dirhams, my wife finally paid half that

Marrakech Souk

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The souk is Marrakech is big and it will take quite some time to walk around, you wont find many bargains there, and its mostly aimed at the tourist market. Moroccans very rarely shop there. You will find lots of leather goods like Bags, shoes and jackets. The stall holders can be pushy, but just go with the flow and have a laugh and a joke with them. Bear in mind that you will need to brush up your bargaining skills, don’t be embarrassed and don’t be pressured into buying, these sellers are experts and you are not.

Take your time and look around before you buy anything, check out a few prices first, always walk away if you don’t get a good price, you can always go back and pick up where you left off.

Car hire in Marrakech Morocco

It more than worth while hiring a car for a couple of days and having a look around the local area. A trip to the Atlas mountains is well worth while. Driving in Morocco is quite easy, but do be careful of the speed traps Radar, the police have these mobile speed traps all over and you will get a on the spot fine.

If you are feeling a little adventurous try driving to Safi its near where I live and they have a great pottery market, you will also find a good little souk and shops. Of course the best thing is you will not be paying tourist prices. It’s also well worth driving along the coast to a small village called El Bedouzza thirty mins drive from Safi, they have a great beach there for swimming. I live just outside of this village.

Whether you are young or just young at heart there is lots to do in Marrakech Morocco, there are night clubs or quite bars in hotels or great restaurants the choice is up to you.


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