Computer Repair 20 Simple Ways to fix A Computer

20 Fast and easy computer repair tips and tricks.

Computer Repair before you run out of patience and throw your laptop or PC at the wall, take a deep breath and try these simple tips to bring your computer back to life.

Computer Repair Murphy’s law says that your laptop or PC will break down or start doing weird stuff just when you need it most. It always seems to happen that way, but don’t worry if you can actually start your computer then all is not lost and we will walk you through some easy Computer Repair steps.

Computer Repair try this first

Sometimes its as simple as just restarting your computer, this will quite often iron out some of the gremlins that have been attacking your computer. It doesn’t work every time, however its always the first thing you should try. OK so that didn’t fix it, lets try the next step.

Computer Repair Remove old temp files.

ccleaner fix computer

Ccleaner options to use

This bits important make sure you always backup before you make changes to your computer. I always do I learned the hard way. Now I’m obsessive about keeping backups. So that’s out of the way you need to download a free program called crap cleaner you can get it here, what this programme will do is clean up all temporary files.

Don’t rush through this make sure you read the help file. Although its simple to use in its default settings, you still need to be careful. Make a system restore point before you start just in case. Run the file cleaner and reboot your PC. If that didn’t work back to the drawing board. You will notice i have highlighted the cookies section in the graphic above. If you use cookies to automatically log into websites un-tick these options. If you have no idea what I’m talking about un-tick these options.

Computer Repair Cleaning the registry

repair the registry

clean the registry

The registry is where your computer stores a lot of its program information, over time it becomes bloated and fragmented, as you use and remove applications little bits get left behind or deleted. Cleaning the registry is a task that should be carried out often to ensure your computer is in top condition, it can help to speed up your computer as well.

So its back to crap cleaner and run the registry cleaner module, you will be asked if you want to make a backup, please do so, and save it somewhere you can find it. Now let ccleaner do its magic. Once again reboot your computer, is it any better? if not go to the next step.

Computer repair Hard reboot.

That sounds difficult a hard reboot, well the good news its not particularly difficult. Here’s what I need you to do, shut down the computer (not Restart or reboot) wait till the computer has closed its self down. Now remove the power cord so there is no power going into the computer.

If you have a laptop please remove the battery, to do this close the lid and turn the laptop over. You should see the battery and there is normally a couple of sliding switches that unlock the battery. Slide the battery out, and turn that laptop back over the right way. Now press the power button for 20 Seconds, do this twice. No put everything back put you battery back and plugin the power cord.

Restart your computer and see if the problem has improved.

Computer repair the tech repairs.

Don’t worry the next Computer repairs are a bit technical but we have a great free program that will help you out. It will take care of all the tech stuff automatically. You can download a free program called Ultra Virus Killer, it’s a little more than a virus killer and you should buy the paid version if you find this useful.

Download it here

Here is a short list of what going to happen.

do it yourself computer repair

computer repair and service

1. Enable windows installer in safe mode, this will do as it says enable windows installer in safe mode.

2. Kill all non system processes, this allows other programmes we run more resources and lets them run faster, allows much faster Computer repair.

3. Delete all restore points, this part of the Computer repair is important because if you have a virus and it is part of the restore file, guess what will happen if you use computer restore. Yep you will also restore the virus.

4. Create a new restore point just as a precautionary measure. This will also be deleted later.

Use these settings to fix your computer

diagnosing computer problems

computer service

5. Backup the registry, you can never have to many backups.

6. Prevent rebooting till all is done.

7. Run the superantispyware scan, this will root out any viruses or spyware lurking on your computer.

8. Reset the hosts file, some bad programmes can add stuff to the hosts file, this will reset it back to a new state.

9. Fix install problems, does what it says.

10. Run Sfc scan this will check windows and system files to see if they have been corrupted, It will also fix them. It can take a while to complete.

11. Register Dll’s this will re-register the Dll files on your system.

12. Delete all restore points post repair. Gets rid of the restore point we made earlier.

13. Create a new restore point post repair, make a new clean restore point.

14. Uninstall superantispyware, removes the application we installed previously, you can un-tick this if you want to  keep it.

More settings 

in home computer repair

in home computer service

15. Reboot the computer when all the repairs have finished.

16. last is look the the right and in the Gray box at the bottom tick the box use unattended mode, this will stop popus and allow the Computer repair to run uninterrupted. Click the run selected fixes to start the repairs to your computer.

Well by my count that’s about 21 repairs we completed one extra for you.

Once your computer has rebooted check to see if it’s running better. The Computer repair you carried out should have made a big difference. If not then you will probably need more advanced Computer repair. That will be a post I will write soon.