El Bedouzza This Is Where I Live

Moroccan beaches

Miles Of Empty beach near El Bedouzza

I currently live in morocco, and have done since 2014, it’s a great life quite and peaceful. I don’t live in a tourist hot spot, but I do live in a beautiful part of the country. How I ended up here is a story in it’s self. Back in 2006 my wife died, to say it was a shock is a understatement. She had been fine, in fact we had just returned from holiday and were really pleased to be back home for a couple of days, before I had to fly back to work in Libya.

I just wanted to add this video I found it highlights the area I now live in and the city of Safi which is close by. Its called Morocco : 10 days in 10 Minutes. Before I get onto the rest of the post.

The day after we arrived home I came downstairs to find my wife sitting in a armchair with her hand raised. Just like the Indians did in the movies when they said ‘How’. I thought she was messing around when I asked her what she was doing, she didn’t even know she was doing it. Once I realised it wasn’t a joke, I got her into the car and down to the local doctor.

The doctor to his credit knew something was wrong and sent us to the hospital immediately. Don’t forget this was a normal day as far as we were concerned. She was given a CAT scan and we waited around for the results for  a couple of hours. She seemed so normal, I would never have guessed that something deadly was growing inside her. After more than 30 years of marriage it never even crossed my mind that she could die.

The doctor came to the waiting room and told us the bad news, the doctor was young and probably had not been in this situation before. He said “I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just going to tell you the truth and exactly what I’ve found” He then proceeded to to tell us that she had a brain tumour, and by the looks of the CAT scan it was probably inoperable and she would probably not survive it.

Quite honestly  I thank that young doctor for telling it to us straight, in the days to come a lot of the other doctors were full of shit. Any way six weeks later my wife had died, the tumour was so aggressive there was nothing at all that could be done.

I thought I was coping really well, I decided to go back to work to keep busy, so I returned to Libya. Looking back now I realise I wasn’t coping at all. I was going through the motions, for 6 months I was just keeping my head above water, pretending everything was fine.

Then my current wife came into my life, she knew what was happening straight away, and she really just took over she made sure my laundry was done, made sure i was eating, made sure I was sleeping and Slowly I snapped out of my depression, that I never even knew I was in.

So we married and I now have a Moroccan wife, that how I ended up here. Here being El Bedouzza a small village on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.


El Bedouzza Morocco

 Location Of El Bedouzza


Location Of El Bedouzza

As you can see from the map above, I live near the city of Safi, we are actually really well located as we can get to Casablanca or Rabat in a couple of hours, and its a easy drive to Marrakesh. I can be in Marrakesh in 2 hours. We can also head south to Agadir or Essaouira, which is a place I really like.


Oualidia Lagoon

Oualidia lagoon

The beautiful lagoon at Oualidia

If we really miss the touristy places then we have Oualidia right on our door step it’s a 15 min drive away to the hotels bars and restaurants. Oualidia is famous for its beautiful lagoons and fresh sea food, lt’s of fresh oysters and mussels if you like that sort of thing. I am going to write a post on Oualidia soon.


So that’s how things stand right now, I semi retired and live and travel around Morocco. Being part of a Moroccan family here I’m lucky in that I get to see the real Morocco.