Is Morocco Safe As A Holiday Destination Now? (2021)

Is Morocco Safe To Travel to

Holiday’s in Morocco were popular before the onset of covid 19. As with many popular tourist destinations, Morocco has been very hard hit by the Corna virus. Tourism has been virtually wiped out, and local business and hotels have suffered.

Morocco has closed down most off its tourist destinations over the past year. Until recently there has been a ban on all flights from Europe. In general Morocco has coped very well with the virus. In part due to its quick response in locking down.

is Morocco safe
is it safe to travel to morocco 2021

Is it safe to holiday in Morocco right now?

As the country reopens and gears up its tourist industry once again, there will be bargains to be had. Morocco travel industry relies on tourists, and makes sure tourist safety is paramount.

The good news is that Morocco is open once again. That means you can enjoy year round sunshine, warm weather even in the depths of winter. Marrakesh is perfect for a winters break, you are guaranteed warm sunny weather.

Lets answer a few of the questions I get asked all the time.

Is it safe to visit Morocco right now?

All the tourist hot spots are safe, they are very well policed and in general the locals are helpful. Marrakesh, Essaouira, Agadir and Fez are the main tourist spots in Morocco, and are safe places to travel. These cities have tourist police, they normally speak English and French and are always ready to help.

These cities see most of the tourists visiting Morocco, other places like the Atlas mountains or rural areas are not as safe. That does not mean you should not go there, but you should be careful.

Have a safe trip to Morocco

Is Morocco safe for women?

Yes Morocco is safe for women, once again stick to the main tourist cites. If you really want to visit the Atlas mountains or the desert, please do use a guide. Safety for solo female travellers should not be taken for granted.

As a solo female on holiday in Morocco you Will attract the attention of local males, you will be sure to get some unwanted attention. It is not only to foreign girls, this happens to but local girls too. This is common amongst local males. Also North African males in general, not only Moroccans. They don’t normally go beyond trying to chat or shouting. Once they realise you are not interested, they will leave you alone. It seems to be a normal thing that goes on here.

If you leave the hotel at night, keep to well lighted paths and roads, as you would at home. Female travellers should exercise the utmost care when walking alone at night.

Dress Appropriately in Morocco.

You should bear in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country. As such you should respect the local rules and customs. You probably do not want to visit any Muslim country during the holy month of Ramadan. All bars will be shut and most coffee shops and restaurants will also be closed during the day.

Is Morocco safe to travel alone?

Generally yes, as I mentioned as a single female travelers you will attract some attention. This can be ignored if you wish. Public transportation can be intimidating, buses are normally overcrowded, and are probably better avoided. There are two types of bus you will come across, the large city busses. And the small mini buses that usually travel between villages, these small mini buses should be avoided.

Petite taxi

You will see two types of Taxi in Morocco the petite taxi, which operates within the city. You will see lots of these taxis, they are a popular form of transport for Moroccans. They are cheap and plentiful.

Do be aware these taxis are not like Europe where you pay for a taxi and it takes only you to your destination. The petiet taxis are shared in Morocco and will just stop if they are waved down, they will also stop where ever you want them to. They are a good cheap form of transport.

Grand Taxi

The grand taxi in Morocco will travel between large cities, they are usually Mercedes or more recently Darcia Logan cars. If you want to travel to another city these grand taxis are a great way to see Morocco. The driver will normally take you to your destination, wait for you and bring you back.

As with most things in Morocco you can barter the price down.

Is Morocco LGBTQ+ friendly?

Morocco is not safe for openly LGBTQ+ relationship’s. You should not openly display affection, in public. If you are LGBTQ+ and want to visit Morocco you should exercise caution. Morocco does have a large LGBTQ+ community, mostly underground and limited to the large cities. Over recent years the authorities have become a lot less active in cracking down on LGBTQ+ people. It will take time and has some way to go. However Morocco is far ahead of other Muslim counties, when it comes to more open attitudes. But they are still not there yet, if you want t come to Morocco, stay safe and take care.

Morocco is like any other country and has a problem with crime, as does the UK and Europe. So you should take care of your safety in Morocco. Here are a few safety tips, more common sense really.

Be aware of petty crime as with and large city, there will be pick pockets and all sorts of street crime. No different to London or Paris.

General safety Tips

  • Don’t hang a expensive cameras round your neck while outside.
  • Take care at cash point machines as you would at home.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash around.
  • Be careful with your expensive mobile phone.
  • If there is a safe in your hotel room use it, most hotels are safe but better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t get involved in heavy drugs.
  • If you see something suspicious report it to the police or your hotel.

General safety tips and advice.

Travel insurance

Make sure you have adequate travel cover, there some very good private medical clinics.

Current travel advice

You will find all the latest travel advisories, on your embassies website. Its always worth checking to see what your countries are advising.