Is Morocco Safe As A Holiday Destination?

Is Morocco Safe, this is a question I get asked a lot, people assume that all Arab countries are full of Islamist’s wanting to blow you up. The truth is that simply is not true. I have worked or lived in all countries across North Africa and I have to say Morocco is the best for quality of life, and safety.

The security and tourist safety in Morocco is second to none, you will see police and the special tourist police all over. They will not normally bother you unless you ask them for help, but its nice to know they are nearby. The problem I’ve seen in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt is there is a distinct lack of security people, and when you see them they look unprofessional. And worst of all its easy to bribe them.

When looking at the reasons of why is Morocco safe, Its because the police and security services are professional and proactive and highly visible.

is Morocco safe

is it safe to travel to morocco 2017

And here is another answer to your question of is Morocco safe, it is safe because generally Moroccans are a peaceful people, they are generally kind and helpful. They know you are a foreigner and will go out of their way to help if you need it.

The police and security services in Morocco are really quick to crack down on anyone with links to suspect organisations. Generally Moroccans do not follow the same stand of Islam that exhorts violent jihad, that’s one of the reasons I can say yes Morocco is safe.

Is Morocco safe for Foreigners? The quick answer is yes. The government of Morocco and the King of Morocco have made sure that all security departments make sure tourists are treated well and that their safety is paramount.

However Morocco is like any other country and has a problem with crime, as does the UK and Europe. So you should take care of your safety in Morocco. Here are a few safety tips, more common sense really.

Don’t hang a expensive camera round your neck while outside
Take care at cash point machines as you would at home
Don’t carry large amounts of cash around
Be careful with your expensive mobile phone.
If there is a safe in your hotel room use it, most hotels are safe but better to be safe
Don’t get involved in heavy drugs
If you see something suspicious report it to the police or your hotel.

If you are a single girl that will have its own problems, young Moroccan boys will do or say anything to hook you. 99% of the time I’ve seen they only want a passport. So be careful and treat any propositions with care. The same applies to single men, although its not as bad for them.

So is Morocco safe? Yes its just as safe as being at home as long as you are careful and follow the few basic guidelines mentioned above.