The Ins And Outs of Moroccan Currency

Moroccan Currency

Moroccan Currency | it’s always a bit confusing when dealing with new currency and Moroccan money will be no different. First of all let’s take a look at the local regulations. You can bring any currency in any amount into Morocco, that’s good news if you feel like spending.

However the bad news here is you cannot take it out of Morocco again when you leave. Well actually you can if it’s less than 10,000 euros. Anything over that amount you will have to have declared it when arriving. So if you bring a large amount of cash with you, and you are planning to take some of it back make sure you declare it at the airport. In most airports you will find a customs officer who is responsible for this.

Once you declare your cash they will count it and issue you a receipt, make sure you keep this receipt safe. You will need to produce it if asked when you leave. The last time I checked this is only for amounts over 10,000 Euro.

Moroccan Currency where to get it


Morocco Money

100 Dirham notes

There are many cash machines in Morocco and almost all will accept your European bank card, I found my debit card is accepted all over, but I have never been able to use my Credit card to get cash. Most large shops and supermarkets will accept your credit card though. As you would at home always protect your card when withdrawing cash, make sure you cover your pin, and do not walk away from the machine wafting Moroccan Currency in your hand. Put it away somewhere safe.

Exchange rates are controlled by the government so you first stop should be a bank to check exchange rates if you have cash to exchange. Although the exchange rates are government controlled there are many merchants and hotels that will give you a better deal. So if you are changing cash into Moroccan money shop around first.

A lot of hotels will take foreign currency but the rates will be awful and you should avoid that if possible.

What is Moroccan Currency?


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The Moroccan Currency is called the Dirham and each Dirham is broken down into centimes, there are 20 centimes to 1 Dirham. For your own sanity don’t even bother with centimes, just stick to Dirhams. I have been here for 12 years or so and to this day cannot have a sensible conversation with my wife about money. Moroccans with happily switch between Dirhams, centimes and here’s another one called Reaals. So if you only have two weeks holiday just stick to Dirhams and forget the rest, you would probably never understand it anyway.

So let’s look at Dirhams, first of all coins. You will find 1/1 Dirham 1 Dirham 2 Dirham 5 Dirham and 10 Dirhams. There are more coins of under ½ dirham but I would just ignore them if I was you.

The notes you will find are 20 DH (dirham) 50 DH 100 DH and 200 DH.

Shops and restaurants normally have stuff priced and you will have no problems working out prices, the souks and tourist places it’s a matter of bargaining and haggling, Moroccans are very good at this. I have seen my wife arguing over a couple of Dirhams for ½ an hour and walk away because the shopkeeper will not reduce the price. I will be writing a post on bartering, because if you go the local souks you need to be well prepared.